[Zope-DB] ZOracleDA again...

Bo M. Maryniuck b.maryniuk at forbis.lt
Wed Nov 26 03:31:29 EST 2003


I had experienced such annoyance: e.g. I have standard out-of-the-box 
ZOracleDA (latest Matt's oficial release, no any CVS snapshots). I have a 
standard Z_Oracle_Connection object somewhere.

I run Zope with 4 threads or sometimes 6. But usually I have twice or even 
more bigger count of opened sessions on such connection. Does somebody 
experienced such thing? Should I have only 4 or 6 sessions opened 

The count of the connections grows when site is under less than middle load. 
What, if site is under high load? Why it generate new sessions instead of use 
already exsiting ones?

Regards, Bogdan M.Maryniuck

System programmer, Forbis UAB

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