[Zope-DB] ZOracleDA again...

Chris Withers chrisw at nipltd.com
Wed Nov 26 04:47:11 EST 2003

Bo M. Maryniuck wrote:
> I had experienced such annoyance: e.g. I have standard out-of-the-box 
> ZOracleDA (latest Matt's oficial release, no any CVS snapshots). I have a 
> standard Z_Oracle_Connection object somewhere.

It would be great if you could give this branch a go:

> I run Zope with 4 threads or sometimes 6. But usually I have twice or even 
> more bigger count of opened sessions on such connection. Does somebody 
> experienced such thing? 

Yes, that's why the above branch was developed ;-)

> Should I have only 4 or 6 sessions opened 
> (session-per-thread)?

You can have up to (number of sessions)*(number of DA's) open at any one time. 
Due to the way ZOracleDA used to work, you can also leak sessions when objects 
sometimes ;-)

> The count of the connections grows when site is under less than middle load. 
> What, if site is under high load? Why it generate new sessions instead of use 
> already exsiting ones?

Because that's the way it was written ;-)
The above branch changes it to use a connection pool model. Give it a go and let 
me know if you have any problems!



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