[Zope-DB] Database authentication

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Sun Nov 30 18:07:00 EST 2003

Julio Rommi Oña Miranda wrote at 2003-11-29 18:36 -0400:
 > I'm developing a project on Zope integrating a MS SQL database by ZODBCDA.
 > Currently I got connected to the database as a single user but the
 > security schema is based on sql users.

There are quite a few known problems with "ZODBCDA" (see mailing list archives).

 > This means the user should send the login information to zope and zope
 > "create" a new Z ODBC Database Connection associated to the session maybe
 > by the Transient Object Container.
 > There is a way to accomplish this?

Zope does not support this but, of course, you can easily write
code to create new DA instances.

 > I mean easily? or there is some place I
 > can get the related information?

I probably would extend the DA (rather than create new instances).

Your approach would only be practically feasible when the connection
creation is fast (I think, MySQL allows for fast connection creations;
not sure how this looks like when access via ODBC).


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