Solved & tested (Re: Saga continues ([Zope-DB] DCOracle2: ...)

Bo M. Maryniuck b.maryniuk at
Thu Oct 2 13:12:37 EDT 2003

On Thursday 02 October 2003 02:08, Paul Browning wrote:
> So, Bo, keep digging. You may not be on the right path but
> you are in the right forest IMHO.

Ok folks, I am happy now and out the game of that whole thread. 

After hacking a bit (dood, how what "wonderfull" Zope code somewhere -- full 
of things to wonder about!) finally I have all what I want. This really works 
as I need and this is really stable as it should be.

Now I can do the following:
	1. Get a stable semi-permanent DB connection (well, it will be disconnected 
on Zope session timeout or on user logout). This means, that connection will 
be in use until you need it. No more, no less.
	2. This is parallel DB session to the Zope session. IOW, you can do different 
requests, using the same DB connection object. This is good for doing 
Enterprise app's, where login can take a time, when on login there are dozen 
of start-up SQL's to prepare stuff on DB side or doing a lot of different 
stuff in one transaction (Internet Banking or so). Yes, I am talking about 
Oracle and it's PL/SQL, not about a toy-DB. ;-)
	3. DB session will disappear right at the moment when you need it. That was 
really a pain: using volatiles it or disappear after few seconds, or after 
few weeks. With current implementation of ZOracleDA and probably with others 
you will not get it. At least I see the code of the ZPoPyDA -- it will work 
the same badly as ZOracleDA does.
	4. It will disappear when standard Zope session disappeared.

Talking all of this above, I would not like to say, that ZOracleDA is bad 
software. Just a bit old and quite messed up itself, need renovation. But it 
works nicely when it should: for standard trivial stuff, where you have 
single DB user and all the people around the world just walking to the DB via 
that user.

Regards, Bogdan M.Maryniuck

System programmer, Forbis UAB

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