[Zope-DB] Transaction again..

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Fri Oct 3 16:53:44 EDT 2003

Gál László wrote at 2003-10-3 13:34 +0200:
 > I still have some things that I don't understand:
 > Let's take an example:
 > next_id=container.next_id()[0]
 > #1
 > container.insert_details1(fg_key=id)
 > #2
 > container.insert_details2(fg_key=id)
 > It is OK, that if any error occurs in the script, zope rolls back each of the zsql methods,
 >  but who garantees that the postges db don't change in #1 or #2.
 > If it is changed by an other insert for example, id is wrong.

Then, you should let Postgres generate the id.

A so called "sequence" (a Postgres object type) is the way to go...


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