Saga continues ([Zope-DB] DCOracle2: close connection doesn't)

Dieter Maurer dieter at
Fri Oct 3 15:59:42 EDT 2003

Bo M. Maryniuck wrote at 2003-10-3 17:33 +0200:
 > On Friday 03 October 2003 00:16, Dieter Maurer wrote:
 > > Zope is *not* dropping connecetions for long running queries, unless
 > > you press the "minimize" button in "Control_Panel --> Database management
 > > --> Flush cache".
 > Well, maybe I am wrong, but Zope really drops the connections -- I had tested 
 > it specially. Zope 2.6.2 and 2.7.b2 doing this -- I can show you. I had 
 > tested it with Oracle. Just turn off the reconnect in __setstate__ of the 
 > and you will see it.

Zope drops connections but not *during* long running queries.

Zope drops old objects from its ZODB cache at transaction boundaries
only (and when you flush the ZODB cache).
This drop only affects the current connection (and not objects
in other connections).

When Zope waits for a long running database query to return results it is not
at a transaction boundary. Therefore, it does not drop this connection
(unless you flush the ZODB cache manually).


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