[Zope-DB] ZMYSQLDA - server_capabilities

Robert Wetzler robert at otani.biz
Tue Oct 7 23:23:28 EDT 2003


I recently upgraded my Zope machine to the latest software versions.
Everything works fine, except the connection to mysql.
I get the following error when I try to set up (and open) a mysql database

Error Type: AttributeError
Error Value: server_capabilities

The following setup is used :

OS : Red Hat Linux 9
Zope :  2.6.2b3-1.i386.rpm
Mysql: 4.0.15 (running on same machine)
Python: 2.2.2
mysql-python: 0.9.2
ZMySQLDA: 2.0.8

Everything else on Zope works just fine.
MySQL is also functionieng properly : user permissions have been set, and
everything seems to be running.
(I can access Mysql with other applications without problems)

Can anybody help me with this problem?


Robert Wetzler

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