[Zope-DB] import modules for external methods

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Thu Oct 9 15:31:45 EDT 2003

Martin Krallinger wrote at 2003-10-9 11:45 +0200:
 > While I tried to add an external method I got
 > an error message stating that I could not import 
 > a given modules located in my python site-packages.

That is strange. Usually, Python adds "site-packages" to
its "sys.path" automatically.

You can check "sys.path" in "Control_Panel --> Debug Information".

 > To "show" the external method were this module
 > is located I use the sys.path.append
 > import string, os, sys
 > sys.path.append(path/to_my_module).
 > from my_module import yx
 > The curious thing about this all is that I could in the
 > beginning add this external method, and it worked fine,
 > but after restarting my Zope I did not work any more, without having
 > done any changes in the external method !

This is strange indeed...
Especially, because changing "sys.path" should not be necessary
in the first place (it's a bad thing to do in an External Method

 > My questions would be: 
 > 1)Are there any dependencies of the  external methods and restarting the
 > Zope? 


 > 2) If yes what kind of dependecy and how should I proceed?

 > 3) Are there
 > some "usefull" documentations on importing modules from e.g.
 > site-packages for external methods?

They should just work...

Therefore, there is nothing special documented.


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