[Zope-DB] select max()

Andre Meyer a.meyer at hccnet.nl
Thu Oct 16 11:56:33 EDT 2003

Dear Gadfly specialists

While trying to build a simple music database I have the following problem:

In a DTML Method I use this code:

<dtml-in all_composers>
  id is <dtml-var id> <br>

all_composers is a ZSQL Method: select * from composer

This returns the list of ids.

However, now I want to retrieve the maximum index and add the ZSQL 
Method max_composer_id: select max(id) from composer.

The query works, but when I replace the call in the DTML text I do not 
receive the integer in the result, but the string 'composer'. What is 
wrong here?

thanks for any help

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