[Zope-DB] select max()

Andre Meyer a.meyer at hccnet.nl
Thu Oct 16 14:49:14 EDT 2003

Thanks for your response.

I am using Gadfly for the moment to experiment with SQL in Zope. Later I
want to use MySQL, because I want to be able to make backups of the db.

Would you suggest to use the object db of Zope ZODB instead? How can it be
backed up? Can I access it from Python programs? I need to write a Python
program to import (maybe export) from Excel.

I solved my problem after a lot of experimenting (see below). The web-based
interface is a real pain in the a.. for developing. Can an external editor
be used?

thanks and kind regards

<dtml-let id="max_composer_id()[0][0] +1">
insert into composer
    <dtml-sqlvar id type="int">,

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> On Thursday 16 October 2003 17:56, Andre Meyer wrote:
> > Dear Gadfly specialists
> >
> > While trying to build a simple music database I have the following
> [...]
> First of all: if Gadfly is enough for you needs, therefore you really
> want use it. Because you can do everything (and much better) in pure ZODB
> with objects and BTreeFolder2 or even OrderedFolder or even simple Folder.
> Gadfly is to teach very young children what SQL principle is.
> Second: NEVER-NEVER-NEVER use "*" (asterisk) SQL's to select stuff from
ANY of
> exiting DB over the Earth. This is very bad.
> Third: you probably want to define types, like:  "foo:string", "bar:int"
> in your template. Zope Book at zope.org is your friend.
> --
> Regards, Bogdan
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