Saga continues ([Zope-DB] DCOracle2: close connection doesn't)

Jim Abramson jabramson at
Wed Oct 22 18:25:06 EDT 2003

> > 
> > I've definitely seen both of these, increasingly as of late (just as my apps are 
> > getting increasing traffic). I've been kicking zope, or wiggling the connection 
> > objects, to make things right again. I don't expect that approach to scale much 
> > further...and my DBAs are already bugging me about the connection-proliferation 
> > issue.
> Try clearing the ZODB cache (see the Zope Control Panel). What effect does this 
> have?

makes some of them go away. but not all. i still end with an inexplicable number 
of connections/sessions - more than 4 per dco2 connection object. I haven't yet
ruled out other possible causes on my end, that is, I have done no such formal tests
to analyze ora's processes before and after doing various things to zope. In fact
the periodic restart has been my interim solution - that starts # of sessions from 

> > If this is a general gripe session, I'd bring up the painful problem of not being
> > able to pass a date to a dco2 sp in zope. 
> A dco2 what?

The zope instantiation of dcoracle2 stored procedure object. It has a few
known bugs, and little quirks that I've learned about the hard way.

> > I've had to do some major backflips to 
> > get around that one.
> What do they look like?

Maintaining alternate procs (from those generated and used by other components 
of our system, a great number of them) that accept strings for date values and 
convert. Ugh! 


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