[Zope-DB] Re: Wasting connections to the DB

Kent Hoxsey khoxsey at earthlink.net
Wed Oct 22 18:29:44 EDT 2003

>> Likewise, I hate wasting connections to the DB.  Four Zope threads can 
>> over time establish four Oracle connections, when the likelyhood is that 
>> only one or two connections are needed.  For customers that pay Oracle 
>> on a per-connection basis, using up extra licensed connections is a bad 
>> thing.

At this time, I believe Oracle only licenses database access by processor or
by named user, so you are free (from a licensing point of view) to consume
connections as you see fit. Not that this is an excuse for an appserver to
leak connections.

>> Furthermore, a central monitor can have a better notion of what 
>> connections are established and could act to set up or tear down 
>> connections (ie to implement a connection timeout in Zope).

> Hmmm... interesting, how would you implement this?

I have had relatively good luck with SQL Relay (sqlrelay.sourceforge.net)
to manage connections in this manner. It also seems to provide consolidator
services, so I can manage access to multiple types of dbs (MS-SQL, Oracle)
from a single service.


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