Saga continues ([Zope-DB] DCOracle2: close connection doesn't)

Bo M. Maryniuck b.maryniuk at
Thu Oct 23 06:22:36 EDT 2003

On Wednesday 22 October 2003 22:44, Chris Withers wrote:
> - leaking of Oracle connections/sockets. This seems to be fixed by emptying
> the ZODB cache, which feels a lot like a Zope/ZOracleDA/DCOracle2 bug to
> me.

Yeah, cool "fix" enough: it also "fixes" out all else cached and *NEEDED* 
working objects... :-(

> - inability to reconnect when the server goes away under certain
> circumstances. The ORA-01012: not logged in and ORA-03114: not connected to
> ORACLE errors. IIRC, Matt K said there was code that should re-connect in
> circumstances such as there. It doesn't appear to be currently working...

No. It should reconnect when Zope knows that there is NO database connection 
while you __call__ stuff. But the problem is, that the 
self._v_database_connection attribute IS present and NOT None, since it still 
thinks Oracle is present. Just there simply is no such mechanism to get it 

> - Zope hangs due to Oracle servers not responding. Something somewhere
> should be timing out and it ain't currently ;-)
This "something" is called "socket". And only Python 2.3 has socket timeout. 
All else you need to subclass it and use Thread and Timer from thread* 
module. Other thing is that timeouts SHOULD be workarounded, but I think they 
will just cause a Traceback. :(

> Who else is experiencing any or all of these problems?
Me. That's why I complain a lot on whole DC Connection approach.

Regards, Bogdan

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