Saga continues ([Zope-DB] DCOracle2: close connection doesn't)

Chris Withers chrisw at
Thu Oct 23 09:53:55 EDT 2003

Bo M. Maryniuck wrote:

> There is the problem I complain a good year 
> before: a current implementation of the Stored Procedures for Zope DOES NOT 
> understand DateTime. They are also can not be overloaded (big pain!!!) and 
> has a lot IN/OUT caveats. 

Hmmm, I'm afraid I'm not using stored procedures so can't help :-S

> The semi-same problem is with ZSQLMethod: it does 
> not understand long types. I even posted this to a collector and it is 
> probably till now in pending status. ;-( 

Which collector?

> And ZSQLMethods does not understand 
> bindings.

Yeah, Matt has some ideas around this too, although I think they may have to 
wait for Zope 3...

> So in general, we use 19'th century technology which STILL fits into modern 
> needs, but very soon will not if nothing changes...

I believe you mean 20th century ;-) Not sure they had computers in the 19th 



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