[Zope-DB] Re: MySQL/Postgres DA's leak sessions?

Bo M. Maryniuck b.maryniuk at forbis.lt
Thu Oct 23 12:23:23 EDT 2003

On Thursday 23 October 2003 15:19, Chris Withers wrote:
> Well, it's not present in the _v_ attribute if you delete it, but from some
> of your other posts, it would appear that deleting the _v_ attribute just
> orphans rather than closes the connection, right?

Well, I have no correct answer here. I really don't know. First of all I am 
wondering WHY this stuff is not garbagecollected, while I set it to None. 
Probably because this is a cache or something else which still keeps opened 
cursors and db connection instances... I dunno. What I did: is very-very-very 
carefull control for each opened cursor and db connection. And when you close 
& delete them, sessions disappears.

> I'm afraid I'm happy with a mapping to one Oracle transaction to one ZODB
> transaction, including the way Zope handles ZODB transactions, so I can't
> help with this...

Currently it works for me fine, but I still should do some explicit moves... 
I'd like see it more automated.

Regards, Bogdan M.Maryniuck

System programmer, Forbis UAB

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