[Zope-DB] MySQL/Postgres DA's leak sessions?

Chris Withers chrisw at simplistix.co.uk
Fri Oct 24 05:26:02 EDT 2003

Charlie Clark wrote:

> I've not experienced this with PostgreSQL and psycopg but that's probably 
> because my system isn't stressed. However, I remember discussing Zope DA's 
> with Marc-André Lemburg while he was working on one for mxODBC, he seemed 
> somewhat unimpressed by the current architecture particularly regarding the 
> way connections are handled so the Zope mxODBC DA probably doesn't suffer 
> these problems. 

Sadly, he keeps his code pretty close to his chest so I can't check what he's 
actually doing :-S

> It seems there has not yet been much enthusiasm for doing 
> the necessary work on on Zope DA's as part of Zope 3, ie. no one has yet 
> taken up the cause. You're hereby nominated!

Er, yeah, right ;-) Pay me ;-)


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