[Zope-DB] DCOrace2: Is "select for update" possible?

Michael Mauws michael.mauws at ualberta.ca
Tue Oct 28 12:23:45 EST 2003

I've been working with Zope and Oracle for the past few years but only
recently came across a situation where I really needed to take advantage of
the "for update" option of an Oracle select statement. However, despite
spending hours scouring the web for guidance, I've been unable to figure out
how to do this as Zope seems committed to doing a commit with each page
rendered. THus, the question I need answered is, how do I hold off doing the
commit such that Oracle will keep the record(s) in question locked?

Many thanks in advance for any guidance received and my apologies if this
issue has already been addressed ad infinitum...

...michael mauws

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