[Zope-DB] DCOrace2: Is "select for update" possible?

Matthew T. Kromer matt at zope.com
Tue Oct 28 14:06:10 EST 2003

With Zope, you can't use a FOR UPDATE clause that will not complete 
within the context of its transaction; you'll need to rewrite the app 
in such a way that it can perform the update within the scope of a 
single web request (such as by accumulating changes into a session 
variable, or by form posting them).

On Tuesday, October 28, 2003, at 12:23 PM, Michael Mauws wrote:

> I've been working with Zope and Oracle for the past few years but only
> recently came across a situation where I really needed to take 
> advantage of
> the "for update" option of an Oracle select statement. However, despite
> spending hours scouring the web for guidance, I've been unable to 
> figure out
> how to do this as Zope seems committed to doing a commit with each page
> rendered. THus, the question I need answered is, how do I hold off 
> doing the
> commit such that Oracle will keep the record(s) in question locked?
> Many thanks in advance for any guidance received and my apologies if 
> this
> issue has already been addressed ad infinitum...
> ...michael mauws
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