R: [Zope-DB] ZODBCDA for Python 2.3.3

Zanotti Michele michele.zanotti at apss.tn.it
Thu Apr 1 13:56:39 EST 2004

>ZODBCDA is obsolete. Use mxODBC instead (as explain a dozen of 
>times on this list during the last weeks)
Excuse my bad english. I think that if the problem has returned a dozen of
times in this week, it is because it is important have a free (no money!)
Odbc zope adapter; in my opinion, it is a necessity for testing Zope on
Windows platform (and for Zope diffusion). 
I have tried to modify and use use compile.py  utility and vc++ for building
sql.pyd: now I'm testing it; but yes, I'm thinking to use (and pay) mxodbcda
for production.

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