[Zope-DB] Re: R: R: ZODBCDA for Python 2.3.3

Casey Duncan casey at zope.com
Thu Apr 1 15:19:05 EST 2004

On Thu, 1 Apr 2004 21:31:45 +0200
Zanotti Michele <michele.zanotti at apss.tn.it> wrote:

> >>> ZODBCDA is obsolete. Use mxODBC instead (as explain a dozen 
> >of times 
> >>> on this list during the last weeks)
> >> Excuse my bad english. I think that if the problem has returned a 
> >> dozen of times in this week, it is because it is important 
> >have a free 
> >> (no
> >money!)>
> >
> >This is a very strange opinion. Do you expect to have 
> >everything for free? I am sure that Marc-Andre Lemburg spent a 
> >significant amout of time into his product and from what I am 
> >hearing it is worth the money. Consider how much time you have 
> >spent with ZODBCDA to get it running. Assuming mxODBC costs 
> >around 100 USD then this roughly the amount for 2-3 programmer 
> >hours. Btw. I assume you get reasonable support from 
> >egenix.com...just think about it.
> Well, you are rigth, and I think M.A. Lemburg has done a very good
> work, and it is just and OK to pay for his work. (And yes, I know
> nothing in for free in this life, I have my years and I know). So
> don't misunderstand my think, I'm not criticizing M.A. Lemburg, I
> believe he is a Python guru and he is in my Mount Olympus. I simply
> think that a simple no-charge entry-level odbc adapter can help the
> Zope diffusion in Window world: is it a so strange opinion? 

If this is your itch then scratch it. I'm sure you will learn a lot by
doing so. Free software is often created by people like yourself that
see something broken/missing and fix it for themselves and then give it
away for others. OSS is rarely created because people ask for it.


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