R: R: [Zope-DB] ZODBCDA for Python 2.3.3

Cliff Quinn cquinn at fishAbility.biz
Thu Apr 1 20:16:15 EST 2004

On 1 Apr 2004 at 16:33, you wrote:

> applications. It is rather annoying for people 
who have existing deployments
> that rely on ZODBCDA to have that functionality 
dropped from an otherwise
> working solution. They would then be in the 

I feel the same way - I have just today been forced into buying 
the Egenix solution, because I had to upgrade to get 2.7 and plone 2.

I originally started using ZOPE because I could use it as a web front-end 
for my MS Access databases. I sort of feel deceived that that functionality 
was there and has been dropped. Now if I want to distribute my solution
to client sites, I have to tell them it's all opensource - *except* ...

I wonder if the money many of us have put into Egenix could have 
better gone to zope corp to build this for us, then keep the ZOPE 
solution complete. Isn't that a possible model for you?

> Having the platform you develop on suddenly 
drop major features is
> disappointing. 

No kidding. 


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