R: R: [Zope-DB] ZODBCDA for Python 2.3.3

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Fri Apr 2 08:22:29 EST 2004

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>> I think this problem needs solving not so much for us as for those who
>> may follow us. I'd hate to think that Zope's uptake could be slowed down
>> by this omission, but I'm pretty sure that's what will happen - although
>> I have no basis for judging the scale of the problem.
>We disagree here. Anyone can get an evaluation licence for mxODBC for free.
>Anyone who's serious about development on this basis is usually able to
>justify the licence. mxODBC opens doors to developers and not just on the
>Windows front.

I'm affraid I have to agree with Phil here when I look at my own reason(s)
to start
using Zope on our intranet.
No matter how low the price of mxODBC is, I won't pay it from my own pocket
solve something on our company's intranet.
So I'll have to get a signature from some manager in my organization to buy
The manager won't know what it's about so he'll ask the ICT department. They
will ask "Is it from Micro$oft? No? Then we don't allow to buy this". In the
time the ICT department has been talking for months (years actually), about
wonderfull mega solution that should solve all our problems. The experience
is that
those solutions are always so expensive that they will never get approval to
buy it.
And at the end of the story, nothing happens. (Sounds like a Dilbert story,
doesn't it?)

This is where Zope (and other free software) fits in.
The most usefull applications currently on our intranet popped into life
without a managers involvement by pulling Zope (or others) from the internet
spending some rainy afternoons to solve some itching problem.
We could spend long discussions about whether this is right or wrong
but I like to leave that to managers. Next time I need some Web-based
database application, I'll have to stick with Zope 2.6.4 or perhaps
PHP/MySQL or so.
Thus for me indeed Zope will become less interesting. No matter how
good (and well worth the money) mxODBC might be. And I'm affraid I'm not
In fact, the price for mxODBC being so low leaves little hope that someone
get motivated to spend the effort needed to fix the free ZODBC. Hmmm...

Just my penny.

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