R: R: R: [Zope-DB] ZODBCDA for Python 2.3.3

Zanotti Michele michele.zanotti at apss.tn.it
Fri Apr 2 12:37:22 EST 2004

>Cool, sounds like you're volunteering to pay for the 
>development ;-) I'll happilly get ZODBCDA working if you pay 
>for my consulting time to make it 
>work, after that, everyone else can use it for free, I have no 
>problem open 
>sourcing work that I have done, but I have no need for ZODBCDA 
>myself, so I 
>won't fix it unless I'm paid to...
>what'd you say?

I'd  say I must study english better :). In my opinion you are free to do
what you want. Do you want fix? Fix. Don't you? Don't fix.  Do you open your
source? Thanks.  Ask you money? Thanks, again, if you do a good work.
I think there is a lot of ways to contribute to Zope and I wan't say what
people must do.
But, in my opinion, with an ODBCDA free of charge for test, Access users can
become Zope users, and then Zope developers, and then they can think to say
byebye to Access and closed source, or they can switch to Egenix product
because their little Zope Intranet has become a big Zope Intranet and they
need a serious product, or because they can develop a big Zope Intranet.
That's all.


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