[Zope-DB] UpdateSQL Tools

fowlertrainer at anonym.hu fowlertrainer at anonym.hu
Wed Apr 7 09:24:43 EDT 2004

Hello/Szia !

Wednesday, April 7, 2004, 3:09:58 PM, you wrote/írtad:

SNW> It makes me log in when I try and access the "Update SQL Tool" project and
SNW> when I am logged in I just get "Insufficient Privileges"

SNW> -- 
SNW> Neil

Hi !

It is interesting, but this link is working:

I try with IE.

But I don't understand, why don't working the first link...


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SNW> Sent: 07 April 2004 14:02
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SNW> Subject: [Zope-DB] UpdateSQL Tools

SNW> Hello  !

SNW> Sorry for disturbing, but I have a product for zope db.
SNW> It is in testing phase.

SNW> The address is:
SNW> http://zope.org/Members/fowlertrainer

SNW> I interesting: have anybody an idea for this product ?

SNW> Please send your opinion to me !

Kind of Regards/Üdv:
 fowlertrainer at anonym.hu
 mailto:fowlertrainer at anonym.hu

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