[Zope-DB] using mxODBC and mySQL to connect with Zope

Laura McCord Laura.McCord at doucet-austin.com
Tue Apr 20 13:30:13 EDT 2004

I already have ZMySQLDA installed and I have it working. But, I needed
to install mxODBC to connect with my SQL server. I understand that
mxODBC handles MySQL as well so I feel like I should just use mxODBC and
kill two birds with one stone instead of having multiple database
connectors. If mxODBC can handle all of my databases then I should just
use mxODBC.


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IMO, you don't want to use ODBC to connect to mysql (it's one of those
why bother thingies) no need. (ZMySQLDA)
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> Hi Laura,
> you can either use the ZMySQLDA with the Python MySQL driver or use 
> mxODBC to talk to the the MySQL-ODBC driver.
> Regards
> Charlie
> On 2004-04-20 at 18:55:10 [+0200], Laura McCord wrote:
> > I have successfully linked a SQL Server using mxODBC with Zope. Now,

> > I need to do the same but with mySQL. How do I do this? I have a 
> > windows version of mysql installed on my local drive. I imagine that

> > I need to create a data source but I don't know which driver to set 
> > up the data source. Any Suggestions?
> >
> > Thank You,
> >  Laura
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