Sean Fulmer seanmeister1 at netzero.com
Thu Apr 22 12:14:35 EDT 2004

Michael Heydasch wrote:
> I have extracted the .tar file on a Windows Server 2003 Standard,
> copied the ZODBCDA folder to the Products folder in the Zope
> hierarchy, and restarted the Zope service, but can no longer
> connect to the servername:8080/manage address (error msg: "the
> connection was refused").
> When I delete the ZODBCDA folder from the Products folder and
> restart the Zope service, I *can* connect to the
> servername:8080/manage URI.
> I have Googled on this error but have not found any results that
> would help me troubleshoot this problem.  I will continue to
> search, meanwhile, has the ZODBC database adapter been tested
> with Win Server 2003?
> Thanks,
> Michael Heydasch
> VIC International

What version of Python is your Zope running on? ZODBCDA won't work on 
Python > 2.1, and it will prevent Zope from starting if you try to use 
it on a later version.

Sean F

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