[Zope-DB] DCOracle2 Unicode Question

Oliver Jaun Oliver.Jaun at ascom.ch
Mon Apr 26 05:59:57 EDT 2004


I'm trying to execute a db-query with python. Some parameters are python
unicode strings.
I'm using python 2.1.3 and DCOracle2-1.2 with Oracle 9i (9.2) on Solaris 8.
I get the following message:

ValueError: invalid data type bound

The database uses UTF-8.
In the DCOracle2 documentation I found nothing about unicode. So the
question is if there is a solution. I think one solution would be to encode
the unicode string to something like 'bla\0A24gugus' and insert with "
INSERT ... UNISTR(:1) ". However I would be much nicer if unicode support
was transparent...

Any suggestions?

Thanks you very much
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