[Zope-DB] Replacing ZODB by another database?

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Wed Apr 28 19:41:13 EDT 2004

Raghu V. N wrote at 2004-4-27 11:14 +0530:
> ....
>I have a couple of questions in this regard.
>1.	I want to know how scalable is ZODB

Folklore says: the ZODB will almost surely not be your bottleneck.

Almost surely, the computation/rendering inside Zope will
become the bottleneck. You use caching and replication
to scale. For the replication, you need ZEO (search Zope.org
and the mailing list archives, for details).

>and what is its capacity?

ZODB is a framework with a "Storage" as missing component.

Provided you are using a Python with large file support,
the capacity of ZODB+FileStorage is virtually unlimited (some 2**32 objects and
as many data as fits into a single file).

>2.	Is it possible to replace ZODB by MaxDB/Berkeley (or some other database) to improve the scalability? If yes, how can it be done?

Support for Berkeley databases was dropped recently (because of
lack of necessity).


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