[Zope-DB] How do you do update with multiple tables

Laura McCord Laura.McCord at doucet-austin.com
Fri Apr 30 14:55:23 EDT 2004

First of all, I am passing an argument 'pcname'.

I have two tables that are linked by pcname

Table Users        Table pcTable

userid                 pcid
username     |-------- pcname
useremail    |         pcmake
useroffice   |         pcmodel
userpwd      |         pcserial

If I want to update the pcname in the pcTable then I want the pcname in
the users table to update as well. How is this done? This is what I have
so far:

update pcTable ,users
pcTable.pcname = '<dtml-var name="pcname" sql_quote>',
pcTable.pcmake = '<dtml-var name="pcmake" sql_quote>',
pcTable.pcmodel = '<dtml-var name="pcmodel" sql_quote>',
pcTable.pcserial = '<dtml-var name="pcserial" sql_quote>',
pcTable.pcmhz = '<dtml-var name="pcmhz" sql_quote>',
pcTable.pcmbram = '<dtml-var name="pcmbram" sql_quote>',
pcTable.pc_oem_os = '<dtml-var name="pc_oem_os" sql_quote>',
pcTable.pc_oem_os_key = '<dtml-var name="pc_oem_os_key" sql_quote>',
pcTable.pc_ip_add = '<dtml-var name="pc_ip_add" sql_quote>',
users.pcTable = '<dtml-var name="pcname" sql_quote>'
pcname = '<dtml-var name="pcname" sql_quote>'

Is there something that I am forgetting?


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