[Zope-DB] Transforming Filipinos' Lives to Achieve True Wealth

Inez Oh inez at L88edc.com
Tue Aug 3 10:01:00 EDT 2004

The 21st Century
Facing an Uncertain Future in an Uncertain World
How to Make More $ During Uncertain Times

Jobs only create Temporary Income and hardly the way to achieve one's true wealth!

The L88 International Associates from Singapore is a highly successful international business marketing group expanding aggressively in the Philippines over the past 3 years. We have been highly successful in working with and helping Filipinos from Asia to North America to enhance their income.

We have successfully transformed & changed the lives of many ordinary individuals into global entrepreneurs.

If you are interested to explore this revolutionary idea in international business & learn how you too can build a successful global business by starting part-time and without affecting your present job or business, please email us to reserve a seat for our next upcoming International Business Previews in the city near you, be it in Asia or North America. You may wish to visit our website at http://www.L88edc.com.
Yours sincerely,
Inez Oh
inez at L88edc.com

Date & Venue:     13/08/04 or 16/08/04 (Cebu)
                           17/08/04 or 18/08/04 or 23/08/04 or 24/08/04 or 25/08/04 (Makati City)
                           19/08/04 or 20/08/04 (Quezon City)

Registration Fee: Peso100

Please provide us with the following particulars. Thank you.

Contact No.:
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