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Fri Aug 6 13:30:37 EDT 2004

Hey there,

Ra[t]es dropped this week ... Jump on it!
Need more of these? $$$$ JustR-efin-ance your house/prop and you can get it.  

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Amy Johnson 
Customer Support
Harrington  Holdings Co. 

It is likely to be months before the twins' conditions can be fully assessed, their doctors said. In the past, separation was considered a success if both twins simply survived. But Montefiore's goal for the Aguirre boys, who have never been able to sit up, stand straight or look at each other's face, was "viable, independent lives."Over four major surgeries since October, the boys' separate-but-touching brains were gently pushed apart and the tangle of blood vessels they shared were cut and divided.Between surgeries, the boys were given time to heal and to adapt to their rerouted circulation systems. Originally, veins near Clarence's brain were doing much of the circulation work for both boys, but scans showed dormant veins on Carl's side had "plumped up" and begun working in response to the surgery, lead surgeon Dr. James Goodrich said last week.Arlene Aguirre and her mother, Evelyn Aguirre, were at the hospital throughout the operation, getting occasional updates from the doctors.They had sent the feisty rk-haired boys into the operating room with tearful kisses at about 7:30 a.m. Arlene Aguirre placed a small figure of the Virgin Mary on her sons' gurney, and it stayed with them, on an instrument cart, through the surgery.The doctors, as well as Montefiore and Blythedale Children's Hospital in Valhalla, where the twins have been living between surgeries and receiving physical therapy, have donated their services.

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