[Zope-DB] Basic Question

Charlie Clark charlie at egenix.com
Tue Aug 10 07:23:50 EDT 2004

On 2004-08-09 at 18:10:57 [+0200], Laura McCord 
<Laura.McCord at doucet-austin.com> wrote:
> Hi,
>  I am able to get my results from my query through my database
> connection but I am having a few fundamental problems with formatting.
> My employer prefers using javascript contractible headers on the results
> hideing part of the results unless the header is clicked on. However, I
> cannot seem to format my results by aligning them in an organized
> fashion.

Hi Laura,

this is purely a presentation question and is best dealt with on the ZPT 
list. When you talk of headers I think you're talking about a tabular 
presentation of the results? I couldn't quite figure out how your sample 
code should work so could you send some rendered HTML from a page which 
does what it should.


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