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Thu Aug 19 23:27:04 EDT 2004

Dear Sir,


I, Miss Marilyn Van Witt a citizen of Netherlands and residing in Madrid, Spain humbly wishes to present this business proposal to you for a transaction between the both of us.
 This letter might come as a surprise to you as you do not know me. I actually got  your e-mail address from the International  Chamber of Commerce here in Spain after searching immensely for someone I could rely on as a trusted business partner with whom I could have my business dealings with.
  The business transaction comes in this form: My ex-boyfriend who is now late, from the Royal family in Swaziland. While he was alive, he used to come over here to Spain to buy treatment/drugs for his uncle who was a prominent cattle rarer for his cattle in his ranch in Swaziland. This drugs were normally gotten for $250 per 35cl and normally packed in dozens in a carton from the major manufacturers here in Spain and normally resold to his uncle over in Swaziland for $520 per 35cl bottle making a profit of about 50%.
  Since my ex-boyfriend is now late, his uncle now wants me to supply him with the drugs as he has no contacts here and he cannot travel out of his country Swaziland because he's the King and besides he has problems with his country . He wants me to be a supplier of   the drugs to him and to start with an outright supply of 200 cartons if I can. Being a student myself, this supply will be difficult because I will not be able to raise the capital for the immediate supply and I can't tell him that I can't do the job considering the profit to be made and besides I am the only one that knows where the drugs can be gotten from and that's why the uncle even contacted me in the first place as my ex- boyfriend did not even give his uncle an address since he made his profit from the purchase of the drugs.
  I actually decided to contact you to see if you could invest in this business looking at the profit that stands to be made and how lucrative the business is. I humbly request your partnership in this business with a 50/50 share in the profit of the business.
  I look forward to hearing from you so I could explain better if you are interested but I want to assure you that this is going to be a very good deal and you stand to make good profit without much effort being put in by you. Thanks and hope to hear from you soonest.   you can reach me at: marilynvanwitt2 at netscape.net.

Yours Faithfully,
Marilyn Van Witt

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