[Zope-DB] Best practice for an OracleText CONTAINS query from ZOPE

Thorsten Henrici thorsten at henrici-s.de
Sat Aug 21 16:41:47 EDT 2004


I would like to issue a

SELECT foo FROM bar WHERE CONTAINS(bar.foo,'Search String')

As far as I know this can't be done with a ZSQL method.

What I would like best is, if I could use DCOracle2 in Script (Python).
I'm calling allow_module on 'DCOracle2' in GlobalModules as the README
of PythonScripts states. 

Unfortuneatly when I'm inserting 'from Products.ZOracleDA import
DCOracle2' im getting the following error message:

You are not authorized to access this resource.
No Authorization header found 

Could anyone give me a hint, how to properly import DCOracle2 into
Script(Python) or, if using an external method is
better practice, tell me so.

Best regards

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