[Zope-DB] Using xml-rpc and perl and external methods

Laura McCord Laura.McCord at doucet-austin.com
Tue Aug 24 12:40:11 EDT 2004

I just created my server and client side perl programs and I need to
create an external method. I put my  client file in the Extensions
directory. I tried creating an external method but when I submit the
form a page not found displays. Is there any documentation on how to do
this? I am not sure if I am using the correct syntax to be used in Zope.

This is what my client.pl looks like:

use Frontier::Client;
    # Make an object to represent the XML-RPC server.
    $server_url = 'http://localhost:8080/RPC2';
    $server = Frontier::Client->new(url => $server_url, debug => '0');
    # Call the remote server and get our result.
    sub Data{
      $host = $server->call('sample.InsertHost','');
      $tables = $server->call('sample.InsertTables','');
      $performance = $server->call('sample.InsertPerfTables', '');
      $qfe = $server->call('sample.InsertQFE', '');
      $events = $server->call('sample.InsertEvents', '');
      $applications = $server->call('sample.Applications', '');

    sub Delete{
       $host = @_;
       $delete = $server->call('sample.DeleteHost', $host);


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