[Zope-DB] Need help understanding xml-rpc with zope

Laura McCord Laura.McCord at doucet-austin.com
Tue Aug 24 15:51:53 EDT 2004

I am a little confused about what all I need to get this working with
zope. Outside my zope server I have a directory which contains my perl
modules that are used in my server side program. Then, I have my client
side program that invokes methods located in my server program. So, all
of this is working through a command window.

But, I don't know how to get this working with zope. 
- Can I leave my files where they are located or do they need to be on
the zope server? 

- Or, is the client side program the only thing I need on the zope

- Is there some sort of connection that needs to be done to connect to
the server that contains my server-side program? 

All of my programs are in perl so from what was suggested I could make a
system call to execute my programs through python.

I have search through documentation on google but I need something that
will give me a step-by-step approach.

Any help will be great.

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