[Zope-DB] Zope page template question

Laura McCord Laura.McCord at doucet-austin.com
Wed Aug 25 14:27:51 EDT 2004

I am trying to create a link that will execute a python script. It
almost works however, I have one flaw.

on my frontpage I have a link that passes a value which determines which
information to pull from my sql server database and navigates to the
second page. Once I am at the second page I have another link, refresh,
that executes a python script that updates the database. But, I noticed
on the frontpage that the python script also executes once the frontpage
link is clicked on.

Here is my code to call the refresh feature:
<a tal:attributes="href python: 'pc_form2?SystemNetName=' +
str(SystemNetName); python here/refreshTables">refresh</a>

I am thinking that because of tal:attributes the frontpage will execute
because it calls the same link as the above example. So, how do I get
the second page to only execute the code.


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