[Zope-DB] MASTER/DETAIL - inserting a variable number of rows

Richard Rosenberg richrosenberg at earthlink.net
Thu Aug 26 20:47:28 EDT 2004

Okay. . .so far I have made a little (very little) progress in at least  
getting the zsql method to iterate over multiple inserts:


<dtml-in fld1>
INSERT INTO test1 (fld1, fld2) VALUES
      <dtml-sqlvar sequence-item type="string">
      <dtml-sqlvar sequence-index type="int">
<dtml-unless sequence-end>
<dtml-var sql_delimiter>

This will iterate through each item in the list and generate the an  
insert statement with proper delimiters between each statement. My  
problem is that I do not want to insert 'sequence-index' as the new  
value of fld2. I want to insert the value of the list 'fld2' (a list of  
inegers) at the list index of 'fld1' in the current iteration.  
Apparently Zope does not like to see <dtml-in fld1, fld2> which would  
be legal in a Python For loop.

I've also tried nesting lists (passing one nested list as the argument)  
and nesting <dtml-in> tags to no avail. Any ideas? Please help as I  
feel I am close, and it is getting very frustrating.

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