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Tue Aug 31 21:52:40 EDT 2004

Sorry but i don’t want to use web form to send the data. I need to put a
file into zope and retrieve it later (without using FTP), with my c++
Other way to do the task is send the text as string and retrieve it
later (is it feasible?), but the question is how?
If I misunderstood your answer sorry, im a newbie : - )
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Here is an example with a file received from a form:
<dtml-call "PARENTS[0].UploadedFiles.manage_addFile('UploadedFile',
REQUEST['FileToUpload'], 'Uploaded File')">
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I just was wondering how i can upload a file (ie. Text file) to Zope. I
have a program in c++ and my program need to upload and download files
to/from zope. Is there a way to do that without ftp?
Zope in this case is only serving as a repository (no, I don’t want to
use RDBMS) .
Thanks in advance,
Paulo Sérgio.
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