[Zope-DB] DCOracle2: ORA-06502: PL/SQL: numeric or value error: character string buffer too small

Matthew T. Kromer matt at bane.mi.org
Fri Dec 10 08:23:49 EST 2004

Unfortunately, this traceback shows the binding array being bound with  
a size of 256 bytes only, which is the DEFAULTPROCSIZE constant defined  
in DCOracle2.py.  That code WILL pick up the setoutput size from the  
cursor, however.  The bad news is, I dont see anything in the procedure  
code which will let you dynamically supply the cursor.  The stored  
procedures pick up their cursor when they're created, and keep it (for  
cursor, read: statement handle in the context of the current  

One thing you should be able to do is grab the procedure's _cursor  
attribute and call setoutputsize on it, e.g.


But that's kind of disturbing, I'll admit.

On Dec 9, 2004, at 10:17 AM, John Ziniti wrote:

> Thanks for your response, Matt.
> Matthew T. Kromer wrote:
>> What I think you want to try is to set the output size on the cursor  
>> with a cursor.setoutputsize(column, size)  -- I *think* you can then  
>> pick up a procedure bound to that cursor by using cursor.findproc but  
>> I don't see the cursor substitution code.
> I'll ignore this suggestion for now given your comments below, but let
> me know if you think I should revisit this option.
>>  This code is old and very gross right now.  It appears that if you  
>> pass in a bindingarray to the stored procedure it gets passed  
>> through, so you shouldn't need to do what I just said.  I haven't  
>> worked with the codebase in about a year and a half and this section  
>> of the python bindings was always very gross to me; I just never  
>> fixed it.
>> Its likely I'll need to see the DCO2TRACEDUMP to look at the bind, to  
>> make sure the size was actually set up right to Oracle.
> I'll attach the DCO2TRACEDUMP (zipped, as I feel icky attaching a 43K
> text file to an email ... let me know if you don't like the zip).   
> Hope-
> fully you can find some time to check it out.
> Thanks a million,
> JZ
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