[Zope-DB] Total newbie trying to install DCOracle2

Martin Jennings jennings at kpnqwest.ch
Mon Dec 13 07:56:05 EST 2004

Hello, I am a total newbie when it comes to Zope and Python programming,
but I have to create a connection to an Oracle DB.

I am on Windows 2000 here.

I have downloaded the DCOracle version 1.2 from the Zope site and
decompressed as indicated.

Now I am trying to execute the "install.py" script but I must admit that I
do not even know how to do this.

I have installed Plone 2 and have a separate 'Python' directory from the
'Zope' directory and it is here that I have the 'Python' exe

So am I doing this correctly?

How do I run python scripts in separate directories.

Like I said, total newbie.


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