[Zope-DB] error : mysql -e ...

Gustav Trennert gtrennert at ib-group.com
Tue Jan 6 07:39:36 EST 2004

I allready used the command mysql -e "filename" to automize some
but it now it does not work again : 
ERROR 1064 at line: You have an error in your SQL syntax. ...right
syntax to use near 'filename' at line 1
its the same error even if I take a filename that does not exist.
so I thought it comes from the path : i put the file in the mysql/bin,
mysql/data and mysql directory 
Even if I put in the absolute path : "c:/mysql/filename", allways the
same result.

If I make only command mysql, I get the prompt mysql> and I can put in
any sql-stuff without any problem

So I think I must have forgotten some basic thing but I can't see it 


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