[Zope-DB] ZODBCDA-3.1.0b2-win32-x86.tgz on Linux

Alexander alexander at westusa.com
Thu Jan 8 14:08:05 EST 2004

M.-A. Lemburg wrote:

> Peter Sabaini wrote:
>> ZODBDA is win32-only. From the Product page:
>> """
>>  **** IMPORTANT ****
>> This product is distributed as a BINARY release!
>> The Z ODBC database adapter is currently available for win32 
>> platforms only. It comes with a compiled ODBC extension (sql.pyd) for 
>> win32. You do NOT need to add any external binaries to use this 
>> database adapter.
>> """
>> The commercially available mxODBC DA should work with ODBC under 
>> Linux, though its not particularly straightforward to set up.
> I hope you refer to the setup of the ODBC environment, not the
> Zope DA itself :-)
> To access AS/400 from Linux you need this IBM ODBC driver:
>         IBM has an ODBC driver which makes this setup possible. See
>         their web-page on the "iSeries ODBC driver for Linux" for
>         details:
>     http://www-1.ibm.com/servers/eserver/iseries/linux/odbc/
> (hope that URL is still correct)
Well, now that you mention it...

The driver was long ago installed on this box to allow php scripts to 
access the AS/400.  These php scripts work.  Now it would be 'nice' to 
get Zope to connect through it as well.

I installed the Z ODBC Client (not Zope DA) into Zope, and Zope actually 
starts.  I sucessfully added a Z ODBC Client.  Now I have the following 
properties in the Z ODBC client:

server:<internal IP address of the AS/400>
port: 9628
dsn: DSN=**;UID=**;PWD=**;DBQ=**;NAM=0;EXTDYNAMIC=1;PKG=**,1,0,1,0,0;

Proprietary bits are **'ed out, but they are exactly the same as the php 
scripts are using.

I get a 'connection refused' when I try to test this.

My question is, I hope that the only thing wrong is the port number.

One thing that confuses me is that php never asks for an IP!  I guess it 
just goes to whatever driver on its own machine and lets it handle it?  


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