[Zope-DB] ZODBCDA-3.1.0b2-win32-x86.tgz on Linux

Kent Hoxsey khoxsey at earthlink.net
Thu Jan 8 14:36:29 EST 2004


Based on the php scripts you describe in your setup, it sounds to me like your
Zope setup is not finding your ODBC driver manager. The IBM web page says
it works with unixODBC, so I would suggest checking your unixODBC setup
first, and then making sure you include the following in your Zope startup

export ODBCINI

When you go into Zope to create your egenixODBC DA, you should see your
list of DSNs in the management interface. If you don't see your list of DSNs, 
then you don't have mxODBC connected properly to your driver manager.

> To access AS/400 from Linux you need this IBM ODBC driver:
>         IBM has an ODBC driver which makes this setup possible. See
>         their web-page on the "iSeries ODBC driver for Linux" for
>         details:
>     http://www-1.ibm.com/servers/eserver/iseries/linux/odbc/
> (hope that URL is still correct)
Well, now that you mention it...

The driver was long ago installed on this box to allow php scripts to 
access the AS/400.  These php scripts work.  Now it would be 'nice' to 
get Zope to connect through it as well.

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