[Zope-DB] dco2.pyd for Python 2.3.3 under Windows?

Paul Browning paul.browning at bristol.ac.uk
Fri Jan 16 11:53:53 EST 2004

I'm getting

  File "c:\zopes\plonerc3\Products\ZOracleDA\DCOracle2\DCOracle2.py", line 
in ?
    import dco2
ImportError: Module use of python21.dll conflicts with this version of 

Can a kind soul provide me with a dco2.pyd for Python 2.3.3 or a workaround
(other than going back to Python 2.1.3)?



 The Library, Tyndall Avenue, Univ. of Bristol, Bristol, BS8 1TJ, UK
     E-mail: paul.browning at bris.ac.uk  URL: http://www.bris.ac.uk/

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