[Zope-DB] Zope <-- ZODBC -- ODBC Driver --> AS/400 DB2

M.-A. Lemburg mal at egenix.com
Fri Jan 16 18:14:16 EST 2004

Alexander Henry wrote:
> The following Google search:
> ZODBC  db2 site:http://mail.zope.org
> turns up zero results.
> I'm trying to connect Zope on Linux to a db2 as/400 with odbc.  I
> already have apache/php on Linux talking to odbc through IBM's odbc
> driver.  How do I get the ZODBCClient that used to be included with
> XMLKit talking to this db2 server through the odbc driver on my Linux box?
> Note I'm referring to ZODBC that used to come with XMLkit, not ODBC DA
> or mxODBC.

You are probably talking about the ZODBCClient object that is part
of the ZDataQueryKit. According to the docs, this allows hooking
up a Linux Zope installation to an ODBC Socket Server running
on a Windows box. However, it does not allow you to connect to
an arbitrary ODBC driver installed on your Linux box. For details,


Of course, you could install the Windows DB2 driver on some
Windows box, then install the ODBC socket server on that box
as well and have ZODBCClient talk to this server, but that
seems rather cumbersome and slow (furthermore, the open source
version of ODBC Socket Server does not support transactions,
so all connections work in auto-commit mode; there is a
commercial version, though, which does have transactions).

The mxODBC Zope DA is what you probably need, since that's also
available for Linux and does work with the driver you mentioned.

Marc-Andre Lemburg

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