[Zope-DB] SQL Update statements crashing Zope

Tim Edwards Tim.Edwards at hwe.com.au
Tue Jan 20 01:53:57 EST 2004


We are having a serious problem with one of our Zope/Plone applications
where an SQL Update statement seems to freeze the whole Zope instance. We
have to stop the service and restart it. We are running Zope 2.6.2 on
Windows 2000 connecting to an MS SQL 2000 server. We have tried both mxODBC
and ZODBC and both have the same issue.

The problem only occurs when the application makes an update statement -
inserts, deletes and selects are fine. The problem seems to be that the
update locks the table in the database (trying to open it using SQL Server
Enterprise Manager gets a blank resultset) and never releases it. This
problem occurs on all update statements in the application. Typing the
update SQL manually into a ZSQL method seems to work fine.

Thanks for any help

Tim Edwards

Trainee Analyst Programmer
Henry Walker Eltin
Phone: 02 9887 6327
Fax: 02 9887 2412
Email: tim.edwards at hwe.com.au

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