[Zope-DB] zope and mysql on debian/sarge.

jonas at freesources.org jonas at freesources.org
Sat Jan 24 13:42:53 EST 2004


I've installed zope and mysql correctly on debian/sarge, and relating to my 
phpmyadmin admin frontend, the login data i plan to use with zope work.
after installing the zope-mysqlda package, and adding a ZMySQLDA in a test 
folder, i give the correct data (<dbname>@localhost <user> <pwd>) into the 
text field, but after clicking on update (or <connect>), zope requests a 
'zope error':
Error Type: AttributeError
Error Value: server_capabilities 

I allready found some stuff about this problem, and that it belongs to 
/usr/lib/zope/lib/python/Products/ZMySQLDA/db.py's line 185:
self.transactions = 0
but even if i change this value to 1, nothing changes, and same if i copy 
this line to line 188 and change the value to 1 there.
can you please tell me where the problem is and why it's not solved in 


ps: please cc to private mail since i've not the time to read that much 
lists regularly. 

maybe - or may not be.

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