[Zope-DB] zope and mysql on debian/sarge.

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Sun Jan 25 18:27:14 EST 2004

jonas at freesources.org wrote at 2004-1-24 19:42 +0100:
>I've installed zope and mysql correctly on debian/sarge, and relating to my 
>phpmyadmin admin frontend, the login data i plan to use with zope work.
>after installing the zope-mysqlda package, and adding a ZMySQLDA in a test 
>folder, i give the correct data (<dbname>@localhost <user> <pwd>) into the 
>text field, but after clicking on update (or <connect>), zope requests a 
>'zope error':
>Error Type: AttributeError
>Error Value: server_capabilities 

I had this problem recently.
I got rid of it by installing "MySQL-Python 0.9.3b2".


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