[Zope-DB] Simple database suggestions

DAA achterberg at stic.net
Sun May 2 09:25:32 EDT 2004

OK, I have spent a day trying to figure this out and I have totally 
confused myself.

First the background info:
I am developing a plone site for a local food festival. I want to have 
a simple "idiot proof" database so a manager can use a form and fill in 
twenty five or so fields (3 of them to upload images). This form is for 
entering information for events during the festival (date, start time, 
performer, fee, etc.). The idea is to create a drop down (select) menu 
so visitors to the site can view a list events by date, venue or event 
.  I will develop a ZPT to generate an "event" page depending upon the 
selection. There will be a maximum of only 100 or so events with future 
growth, but we are looking at max 30 records for now. The site will 
eventually be hosted by third party off site.
So far:
I have looked at ZClasses (which would work but are not recommended).
I do not particularly want to have a relational (SQL) database, because 
it is something else to keep running and seems like total overkill for 
100 records.
I have looked at ZODB, but it seems like overkill as well, but it may 
be the best option.
I have not looked at Archtypes yet, mainly because it seems to 
complicated for my brain at the moment.
I have looked at the Product ExternalFile, but due to the hosting 
situation and updating I have ruled it out.
I have looked at TinyTable, but it is too simple, and not idiot proof 

The question is, are there any Products or techniques I am not 
understanding out there that may be useful in this situation? If a 
relational database is the answer, so be it.

Any direction would be appreciated.

David A. Achterberg

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